The Delft University of Technology has always been an entrepreneurial university. Its unique task provides the opportunity to transfer state-of-the-art academic knowledge into society to foster innovation and improve our everyday lives. One of the sub organisations of the university that stimulates this is the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE). DCE’s vision is to become a global leader in both research and education in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation. The former is strived for, by means of high-quality education programs at a bachelor, master, and even PhD level. These programs are not merely theoretical, but have a hands-on component as well. This allows the program’s approximate 750 students to experience what it is like to start their technology-based firms and venture projects. Furthermore, DCE has strong links to the highly successful YES!Delft university-linked business incubator. For these reasons, they play an important role in training our next generation entrepreneurs that can shape the societies of tomorrow.

DCE aims to provide the students not merely with the tools to become successful entrepreneurs, but in addition to become the ‘right’ entrepreneurs. As part of the Co-Change project, DCE is experimenting with tools that prompt the students to consider their societal role and impact. This requires them to go beyond the acknowledgment of customer needs, to also discover the unique customer values which then can be incorporated in their innovations. DCE’s next big step lies in continuously, and deliberatively, further improving the beneficial tools for these student entrepreneurs.

Location: DELFT Postbus 5 2600 AA Delft The Netherlands