2023. 11. 17. | Vienna

AIT AI Ethics Lab cooperates with the Austrian Civil Service: A Practical Guide to Ethical AI in the Public Administration

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in public administration is not only a question of technological possibilities but demands ethical reflections by all those involved. Emerging from the Co-Change project, the AIT AI Ethics Lab was commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sports (BMKÖS) to create a practical guide for this process. 

The aim of this guideline is to support the civil servants in the planning, design, creation or procurement, and evaluation of digital, and in particular AI-based applications. For this purpose, a checklist and the impact assessment tool "Kriterien- und Maßnahmenkatalog für ethische KI in der Verwaltung (EKIV)", a questionnaire for in-depth engagement, were developed to enable a continuous reflection of the potential effects of the AI used within the public administration. 

Please find the guideline and the EKIV checklist and questionnaire are available here, it is currently only available in German.