CO-CREATE CHANGE On research funding and performing

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Co-Change Co-Change

Co-Change supports the implementation of institutional change among research and innovation actors in the areas of research ethics, open science, stakeholder engagement, science education, gender equality and sustainability. The partners form a network of research organisations, research funding and government agencies, firms, ethics councils, and civil society organisations. Together, they develop tools and practices for responsible research and innovation, for example, to reflect on internal norms, values and practices, and to build capacity for governance and management, ethical and social impact monitoring, and assessment.

Change labs

The Co-Change Labs are spaces for experimentation, where we work to better address societal challenges. The lab teams produce customised tools to make research and innovation more responsible. Our cooperation partners operate as a network of research performing, and research funding organisations as well as various societal stakeholders. Some labs are more technology-specific, e.g., oriented towards artificial intelligence and autonomous systems technologies. Other labs are more oriented at specific practices, e.g., working on open science, gender equality, and sustainability.

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