2021. 02. 10. | new open access book

Assessment of Resposible Innovation: Methods and Practices

Responsible innovation encourages innovators to work together with stakeholders during the research and innovation process, to better align the outcomes of innovation with the values, needs and expectations of society. Assessing the benefits and costs of responsible innovation is crucial for furthering the responsible conduct of science, technology and innovation. However, until now there has only been limited academic work on responsible innovation assessment. This new book, Assessment of Responsible Innovation: Methods and Practices fills this lacuna. The co-editor of the book is our WP6 leader, Emad Yaghmaei.

The book consists of three parts: 

·      The first part reflects on Responsible Innovation, and sets the background for the topic.

·      The second part focusses on Responsible Innovation in an industrial context and the challenges associated with the implementation hereof. Industry is an important context for Responsible Innovation since many innovations originates here. However, it is often overlooked.

·      Part three discusses (new) approaches, methods and metrics for the assessment of Responsible Innovation, focusing on the industrial context.

In-between the expert contributions, the book features best practices, which provide specific perspectives and ideas of how we can assess Responsible Innovation within stakeholders from different sectors: industry, government, academia, and civil society.

You can download or read the book here and read our interview with Emad here.