2021. 10. 13.

Changing the research and innovation system through democratic experimentation: a guide to good practices for RRI

Just for how long have you thought about changing the conditions and incentives under which you work as a professional in research or innovation? What do ideas about Responsible Research and Innovation, public engagement and open science imply for your daily work? How could you, for instance, enable citizens from all walks of life, regardless of their training and background, to get involved with research and innovation?

Our research showed that many change agents located throughout the European research and innovation system were interested in discussing these questions. We did not only discuss these issues. We – that is, over 270 people across Europe – also worked together in 19 temporary participatory settings (‘social labs’) to jointly develop practical tools, methods and activities for stimulating and implementing the kind of changes required for a responsible research and innovation practice.

This guide summarizes the narratives that were produced in the effort, and collects the 28 lessons learned. The aim is to disclose the insights we gained to those who are interested in improving relationships between research, innovation and society in participatory and experimental ways. We hope that the lessons and stories collected from the NewHoRRIzon experience will motivate you to develop your own stories and actions that help produce the changes that you want to see in the research and innovation system.

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