2021. 11. 22.

Have a look at our Change Labs!

Our project established 8 Co-Change Labs at research performing and research funding organisations, and at universities. They are organisational spaces for building transformative capacity and leadership in the areas of RRI. In this interview series you can read the story of each lab by meeting the lab-leaders.

The Change Lab of the Austrian Institute of Technology

There are myriad ethical challenges of innovations that build on machine learning and artificial intelligence. What are these challenges or dangers that we need to take into consideration? Read the interview with the coordinator of our project here.

The Change Lab of the Technical Research Centre of Finland

How to support AI research to be ethical and facilitate the internal responsibility program of a technical research centre? Read the answers here.

The Change Lab of the Spanish applied research and development centre, Tecnalia

How to initiate the institutional discourse on responsible innovation and implement RRI principles in the everyday operation of a big technological development and research centre? Read the answers here.

The Change Lab of the Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute

How to support a standardisation organisation in becoming more responsible? Read the talk here.

The Change Lab of the Vienna Science and Technology Fund

How can a private research funding organisation impliment an open science policy? Read the answers here.

The Change Lab of the Council of Tampere Region, Finland

How can a regional funding body influence innovations to be responsible? Read the answers here.

The Change Lab of the University of Novi Sad

How gender equality was implemented at a science faculty of a Serbian university and which other RRI keys will they attempt to institutionalize next? Read the answers about gender equality here, about open access here, and about the other keys here.

More to come...