2021. 02. 01.

"It is incumbent upon us to shape technologies in ways that are responsible"

Richard Owen, Professor at the University of Bristol's School of Economics, Finance and Management is one of the authors of the groundbreaking publication “Developing a framework for responsible innovation”. With more than 1,500 citations, it is one of the most often quoted publications on RRI. For Richard Owen, RRI is about a shared responsibility for the future.

The most important insights from this interview made by André Martinuzzi with Richard Owen are:

·   Drawing on the groundbreaking conceptualization of Richard Owen and his colleagues, RRI created a strong community of scholars and practitioners over the past years.

·   However, there is still a lot of work ahead if we want to integrate RRI into the corporate world.

·   If we actively engage with innovators and entrepreneurs – especially in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis – we can take shared responsibility for our future.

Watch the interview here.