2021. 11. 30.

Ljubljana declaration on gender equality aims to redress imbalance in research and innovation

As the latest data underline the extent of the gender gap, leading figures debate what to do about the loss of talent this represents. A declaration backed by member states blames ‘outdated gender norms’ and ‘unfair hierarchies and power structures’.

Member states are to make a fresh commitment to improve gender balance in research in the Ljubljana Declaration on gender equality in research and innovation, to be published on Friday, 26 November. The move comes as the latest research shows that despite the fact that as many women as men complete undergraduate degrees, the gender gap in research and innovation-related jobs persists, according to the 2021 edition of the European Commission’s ‘She Figures’ report. Only 33% of Europe’s researchers are women, and they remain under-represented at the highest level of academia, with only 26% of full professorship positions held by women. Women are also under-represented among self-employed professionals in science and engineering and ICT, accounting for only 25% of these roles.

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