2022. 01. 10.

Podcasts on RRI

The ResBios website describes Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) as … “an overarching policy strategy which aims to increase the intensity and quality of interactions between scientific research and society”. Over the past decade, the field of bioscience has increasingly collided with the reality that most of us find ourselves in… with climate change, food security, health, and of course the COVID-19 pandemic, the biosciences affect us all on almost a daily basis. So it is more important than ever that scientists and researchers work hand in hand with society, to ensure that effective changes can be made to make the world a better place for all of us. But for this to happen, research institutes and universities need to do better when it comes to sharing the work they do and explaining how this research will directly impact the real world. This is where RRI comes in. By actively addressing some of the key obstacles which are currently in place, we can hope to make long-lasting changes to the way researchers behaviour and think about the work they do, to increase the visibility of their work, and help make the field of bioscience more accessible to everyone. By tackling issues in how those in the field approach the topics of; public engagement, open access, gender, ethics, and education. Through a series of podcast interviews with key project leaders and some animated short videos, we will explain to you exactly why each of the key pillars of RRI are important, and how by adressing these issues we can build a better relationships between science and society. ResBios hopes to promote these ideas within research institutes across Europe, and beyond.

Listen to the podcasts here.