2022. 07. 19.

Trying to Implement RRI: Public Engagment Activities within the NewHoRRIzon Project

Public engagement is a challenge for each researcher and research organization given professional and financial requirements and pressures. But to add to this challenge, public engagement is also an ambiguous and multi-faceted term that can mean engagement with the public on different levels, on different topics and with very different means.

In this GRRIP Project talk, Dr. Erich Griessler reflects on the NewHoRRIzon project, which set out to implement Responsible Research and Innovation across all research funding programs of the European Framework Programme H2020. In the NewHoRRIzon project, Dr. Griessler engaged, for over more than two years, in 19 social labs with more than 720 stakeholders of research and innovation and developed together with them more than 50 pilot actions, many of them on public engagement, to implement RRI in research and innovation. Dr. Griessler explains the co-creation approach in NewHoRRIzon, which in itself was based on stakeholder engagement, and presents some of the public engagement activities which were created in the Social Labs to shed some light on the many faces of public engagement.