2022. 04. 28. | online workshop

Artificial Intelligence, global differences and inequalities

The workshop will explore the challenges and responsibilities that arise from the development and (commercial) use of AI in a context of socio-economic inequalities as well as differences in cultural values, political systems, regulation, scientific capacities, and other factors. The keynote speaker of the event is Prof. Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem, the Chairperson of the UNESCO Ad Hoc Expert Group on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.

The objectives of the workshop are as follows: To examine the issues and challenges that arise from global inequalities and differences on the ways in which AI technologies are deployed and used around the world. To identify the responsibilities for researchers, innovators, firms and civil society that emerge from these challenges, to ensure that AI is used in responsible, fair and socially robust ways. Principles of the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of AI will be used as a basis for multi-stakeholder dialogue and normative reflection. To promote collaboration between researchers, civil societal organizations, academics, activists, and policy makers from around the world, with the aim to facilitate co-learning and future interaction. To explore new possibilities for joint-research, knowledge exchange, as well as collective action and activism. The workshop will combine presentations of invited speakers from around the world and interactive discussion with the audience, including in breakout groups.