2021. 11. 08.

Forum 3

The Co-Change platform organizes a series of four interconnected gatherings, called Forums, to support mutual learning and exchange between the Co-Change Labs, their ecosystems and Advisory and Sounding Boards. The third Co-Change Forum took place online on 8 and 9 November 2021 and was co-hosted by AIT from Austria and Tecnalia from Spain.

The main objectives of Forum 3 were:

• To experiment with new ideas and practices & "Lab-to-Lab" Learning on societal challenges of Diversity & Inclusion in AI & Digital Technologies and Sustainability & Circular Economy as guiding themes.

• To share inspiration and experiences (challenges, opportunities and threats) for innovative practices with each other and invited experts to get inspiration (new input, support) for their aspired institutional changes and to work on issues of shared concern, best practices, and lessons learned.

• To have a space for reflection and self-organisation as a basis for generating transformative capacity.

• To refine and test your ideas on new products, services and methods in a group.

Look at deliverable D. 2.4. to know more about the design, the implementation, and the results of this gathering.