2021. 01. 28. | Online | 15:00-16:30 CET

Science communication with a Gender Perspective

Mentoring, role models, networking, gender-inclusive programmes, are all measures that have been put in practice to foster and support the presence, inclusion and career development of women in science and technology. For the last 20 years, we have been moving and achieving milestones regarding women in science, gender equality, gender biases, and lately, gendered innovation.

But, what do we communicate when we communicate science? How do we do it and where? Whom are we addressing? Isn't the system the reason and consequence of inequities? How do we communicate this and moreover, what can science communication do to tackle these deficiencies and encourage inclusion for the greater good?

In a social endeavour as science, considered as based on merits, competences and creativity, it's imperative to reflect, talk and take action in order to tackle the equality distortions and injustice. The way we communicate science plays a key role in this.

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Helena González and Oriol Marimón, Big Van Ciencia, Barcelona, Spain: Breaking scientific stereotypes in representations through scenic arts

Marianne Achiam, Carmen Fenollosa: What we know so far about communicating STEM with a Gender perspective

Janire Salazar, ICM, Spain: Learnings from the last 5 years of implementing structural changes

Gabriel León, Bioscientist and Science Communicator: Mainstream media science communication with a gender perspective: reflections from the ground

Moderator: Annette Klinkert, EUSEA Executive Director