2021. 03. 23. | online

What are the ethical, social and legal challenges of emerging technologies?

In view of the upcoming legislative proposal on ΑΙ and its ethical aspects, the event will seek to identify which issues and challenges of AI are in need of particular attention. It will also discuss ways to address those challenges and build on what was learned through the AI debate to better prepare for the next wave of scientific and technological advances, and ensure that these are beneficial to society and their risks are addressed early.

Three major EU-funded projects, SIENNA, SHERPA and PANELFIT in collaboration with STOA are coming together to discuss their findings and provide the context for a discussion on the policy options for the ethical governance of disruptive technologies.

The workshop will be held online, 23th March, 13.00-18-30 CET. Check out the program and the regsitration here.

Photo credit: Edho Pratama/Unsplash