The Council of Tampere Region Change Lab increases regional competencies on how to include elements of responsible innovation into innovation projects and funding. We base the work on top of the work done so far by implementing ethical evaluation into the European Regional Development Fund. By using those experiences, we develop an understanding on how elements on RRI can be used in regional development and increase the awareness of responsibility of innovations in different groups and networks of innovation actors. We have already started by organising a workshop focusing on how to evaluate and integrate RRI elements at the level of the innovation project. The target group of the event was the funding applicants. This event served well the intention of awareness raising. We also got great results from interviews made for the projects that had used the RRI elements in their project applications. These gave us good information on how to continue the development process. The next step is to recognise the key actors of the innovation ecosystem that should be taken into the discussions on regional RRI development. This group is needed in order to disseminate knowledge and increase awareness in the region.

Here you find a summary of the work of this Change Lab.

Location: Tampere Region, Finland