RRizing lab is mainly focused on institutional implementation of five RRI keys – science education, gender equality, public engagement, ethics and open access. The mentioned keys are to be analyzed, promoted, monitored, and supported at the Faculty of Agriculture (PFNS) of the University of Novi Sad. Examples of good practice in terms of RRI shall be presented further at a University as a whole to serve as a showcase for improvement of these aspects at other faculties as well.

We are particularly proud of the participants that gathered around the same vision that is the only way to the desired destination – to responsible research. Guided by this vision, dialogues and meetings with our PFNS colleagues discussing new, yet actually ever-since present and inevitable issues such as gender equality state at PFNS and our society in general, public engagement, ethics and science education were very inspiring and informative. From the project beginning until now, we can say that we have two sides of results – the ones that originate from analysis of the formal, available data and the other data which are conclusions of live interview dialogues and meetings. In some cases, we found these to be much more significant, reflecting the true state of the given RRI keys. In relation to these findings we created a survey regarding gender issues which is to be conducted at PFNS and then broader. Also, a very straight-forward plan of how to reach the desired vision was designed in close online collaboration of all project participants. During this project, this plan will be implemented in PFNS.

Here you find a summary of the work of this Change Lab.

Location: Dr Zorana Đinđića 1, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia